ALTA Survey

As-Built Survey

Property Boundary Survey

Topographic Survey

Our Work- Surveying

Athens High School


Morell Engineering conducted a Topographic survey prior to the construction of the new Athens High School. 

Morell Engineering also completed the construction layout and staking and materials testing and inspection for this project.

Asahi Kasei


An initial survey and original Topographic survey were done as Asahi Kasei prepared to build a new facility.

Morell Engineering also built the conceptual design and civil site deign for this project.

The Village at Piney Creek


A Topographic survey was done before the subdivision began new construction.

Morell Engineering also provided the subdivision design, utility design, road design and drainage plans for this project.

The Links at Canebreak


An initial Topographic survey was conducted prior to the subdivision beginning construction.

Morell Engineering also provided subdivision design, utility design and drainage plans for this project.

Athens Bible School


A Boundary  and Topographic survey were done prior to construction at the new Athens Bible School.

Morell Engineering also provided the site design for this project.

Marshall Space Flight Center (CERCLA) Investigation


Morell Engineering surveyed the location of all monitoring wells, sample points, and boring sites for environmental compliance. Additionally, Morell Engineering surveyed environmentally-sensitive excavation areas, calculated quantities, and prepared as-built survey drawings.