A Full Circle Story

January 22 2019

Sometimes in life we seem to be running 500 mph. Days seem to fly by with busy schedules, but every once in a while something really incredible stops us in our foot steps and forces us to reflect and take it all in.

Last week we had the incredible opportunity to tour the (pretty much) completed Athens High School. Y’all, this building is beautiful! It seems that every inch of this new space has been analyzed and developed with a purpose. Students will now have the opportunity to learn in a building that matches the excellent level of education available at Athens High School.

Walking around this building with my team was even more of an experience. Eight professionals from Morell Engineering are alumni of AHS, eight! Now, we were all in awe as we explored the new hallways and classrooms, but the sense of pride and excitement felt from these eight individuals could be felt by the whole group. I imagined they had transported themselves back to their high school days. Days of excitement when they started at AHS as a freshman, days of hard work in the band room or the football field, days of making new friends, and feeling proud as they walked across the 50-yard line on graduation day.

We at Morell Engineering were humbled by the opportunity to help build this new facility. We performed various types of surveys, construction staking and layout, construction materials testing, and construction engineering and inspection. The skills these AHS alumni learned in school were now being used to construct their new school. I mean come on, how cool is that?!

At the end of the tour, all the AHS alumni who worked on the project gathered for a picture. I saw generations of alumni come together to see the school’s final product, but also those who came to see what the future generations of Golden Eagles will get to experience day in and day out. 

As we left that day, they talked about how one day their children will walk the halls of the new school they helped construct. Life moves quickly, but it is times like these that stop you in your footsteps and force you to reflect and take it all in.