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PCI Studies

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Our Work- Aviation

PCI Study at Huntsville International Airport


Pavement inspections were completed on all airport pavement, both airside and landside, at the Huntsville International Airport.  A PCI manual was then created by Morell Engineering to determine which pavement projects should take priority.

HMCAA Pavement Rehabilitation- 2012


This project included rejuvenation, concrete spall repair, crack seal, and striping of airport pavements.  Morell Engineering deigned, bid, and managed the project.

HMCAA Pavement Rehabilitation- 2014


This project included rejuvenation and striping of the east taxiway, concrete spall repair and crack seal on the air carrier and air cargo ramps. Landside paving and concrete repair were also included in this project.  Morell Engineering designed, bid, and managed this project.

HMCAA Pavement Rehabilitation- 2017


This project included the mill and overlay of taxiway "Juliet", restriping  the entire air carrier ramp, crack seal, spall repair, air cargo slab replacement, and maintenance repair of the Gantry Rail at Intermodal.  Morell Engineering designed, bid, and managed this project.

Taxiway "Charlie" Phase 4A & 4B, Runway 18L-36R


Morell Engineering performed  subsurface exploration and provided geotechnical engineering services, as well as quality control surveying, CMT, and RRR.