Our Story

In 2004, William T. Morell, "Taz",  identified a need for a full service civil engineering firm in north Alabama. Taz noticed how many different companies it took to complete a project, and the sometimes strained lines of communication between contractors, engineers, and project owners. Taz envisioned a company that would better link these stakeholders together and provide customers with numerous engineering services with the capability to lead their projects from beginning to end. He wanted a team of incredible engineers who specialized in specific sides of the business, supporting projects with the necessary expertise and attention to detail. Taz partnered incredibly well with contractors, engineers and owners because he has been in each of their roles and understands their wants and needs, and he thought this experience was crucial to integrate into his business.

Fast forward to today, Morell Engineering is known for their full service civil engineering offerings, personable staff, and incredible quality of work.   Offered services include engineering design from conceptual through final design procurement, as well as on-site construction engineering and inspection, and construction materials testing.


Our Mission

"It is Morell Engineering's mission to provide the highest quality of work and service, through our full service offerings  and experienced engineering professionals, while promoting positive economic growth."

  "We consider Taz and the company to be a valuable partner for us. Their professional staff provided us with everything we needed to set our project up for success. Their ongoing support and commitment was an important factor in selecting them for a new project and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

-Prasad Puttagunta, Vice President of Operations at Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc. 



With such an expansive offering of civil engineering services, Morell has the capability to take your project from beginning to end.

Overview of Services

Excellent Staff

Morell's engineering professionals have the education, experience and industry certifications to prepare your project for success.

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