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We believe in investing in our employees and giving back to the community. At Morell Engineering, we focus on providing the absolute best quality of service to our customers while supporting our employees in each of their projects and their career development.   

We have offices in Athens and Huntsville, AL. These offices are easily accessible from most cities in north Alabama, which is a great place for young professionals, growing families and established professionals to live. Whether you are looking for a city atmosphere, with trendy shops and restaurants, or a piece of land, where you can create your own "paradise", north Alabama offers it all!


"We are committed to providing a safe and constructive work environment for our employees. Career development, continued education, and leadership opportunities are in our DNA and are available to all. We value the well being of our employees and support their career and personal growth."

Morell Culture

We love the work we do, enjoy giving back to the community, and spending time with each other.

Our team members are provided with numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the year. We have so much fun working in the community and are always looking for new ways to give back.

Team building is important to us and throughout the year we have numerous  events. Some of our past events include playing at Top Golf, celebrating National Taco Day, playing softball with a local rec league, etc.

Morell offers great opportunities for career development. Whether you are preparing to take the Professional Engineering (P.E.) Exam or have 20 years' experience designing projects and leading your own team, we believe there is always an opportunity to grow in your career. Our leadership team is dedicated to supporting each of their team members through creating "reach projects" for those looking to move to the next level, sending members to industry conferences and investing in their professional education.


Job Openings

In order to apply for an open position, please  send a resume and cover letter to

Benefits & Perks

Competitive Salary

We are well aware of the industry average for each of our positions, we take that into account, and offer competitive salaries to each of our employees.

Benefits Package

We offer generous life, dental, disability (short and long term) benefits and offer 401k matching contributions. 

Paid Time Off

We encourage our employees to take their time throughout the year and offer the industry standard. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We highly encourage our team members to use their volunteer hours giving back to the community.  Throughout the year Morell plans multiple team volunteer events.

Industry Conferences

Morell team members are often sponsored to attend industry conferences that pertain to their everyday work. These conferences allow for our professionals to obtain the most up to date industry knowledge and the opportunity to network.

Certifications & Professional Development

We take pride in investing in our employees and their professional education. We often sponsor our employees when working towards their next professional certificate.