Shout Out to Telford & McAdam!

December 3 2018

Think back to a time when transportation was just evolving. When “horse power” was taken literally, running a “few quick errands” wasn’t done on a whim, and travelling to other states meant week long excursions. Isn’t it incredible to think about how far we have come? 

I always find it fun to think about the person who did something for the first time. Like, who was the guy who thought, “Hey, see that chicken egg? Yep, I’m definitely going to eat that”.  And as he cracked that egg into a pan, he noticed the slimy mess more than he ever had before.  Or what about the person who accidentally made popcorn for the first time, that must have been terrifying!

I was curious to learn more about who designed the first modern roadway.  After doing some research, I learned about two Scottish engineers name Thomas Telford and John Loudon McAdam.  They further analyzed construction materials and used methods to improve roadway drainage, to create what we call a “modern roadway”. 

Think about the density of modern roads in your city, and in your state, in America, and finally the world. The way these men enhanced roadways changed lives!  We are now able to travel miles and miles without even blinking an eye.  Families are able to visit one another more often, companies have the opportunity to conduct business worldwide, and small towns have developed into booming cities. 

Telford and McAdam made travel easier, safer, and more accessible.  Here at Morell Engineering, those are also our goals.  Every day we work hard so you don’t have to.  We provide easier, safer, and more accessible transportation solutions to communities, travelling families, and expanding businesses.  Supporting positive economic growth is in our DNA and we look forward to new opportunities to help growing communities and businesses.

Now, creating the first modern road doesn’t sound near as daring or crazy as the instances I mentioned at the beginning, but we are going to leave those to someone else.  We at Morell Engineering are going to stick to what we are good at, making travel easier, safer and more accessible.