“Where are we going for lunch today?”

December 14 2018

Last night we had our Holiday Party! Gosh, it was so much fun getting to meet everyone’s loved ones and being able to sit down with one another and spend some good quality time. But let me tell you something, this is not a new concept at Morell Engineering. 

Let me give you some background on myself, I think that will help deliver my message here. 

A few months ago I moved to north Alabama from Houston, TX where I worked with a large corporation. When I started with Morell I was greeted by the friendliest and most genuine team on record. Now being so new I was taking notes on how people interreacted with one another and what the company culture was like, etc. 

I quickly learned that this team is incredible. They invest time in one another, they support each other, they lift each other up, and they genuinely care. They even go to lunch with one another almost everyday during the work week….. everyday y’all! Working with this team is truly a pleasure and it’s safe to say that I am so glad I have been provided the opportunity to join it.

You know the coolest part? This team interacts with our customers in the exact same way. We invest time in our customers, we support our customer’s wants and needs, we lift our customers up, and we genuinely care about our customers and their projects. When you choose to work with Morell you will experience not only first-class service but I can almost guarantee you will end up with a new friendship. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but its true! Choosing Morell will never just be a “transaction”. And hey, if you ever want to join us for lunch, you are always invited!